It's time for a new sea ADVENTURE!

Sakarun Beach

Sakarun – One of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic ... Crystal clear sea, pristine nature and white sand will delight every visitor...

During the trip, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the northwestern Zadar archipelago. The guide will show you the exact route on the map and will tell you a few interesting things about the area. During the ride, you can enjoy the upper-sunbathing area and the lower deck, or the air-conditioned salon. Each guest will be serv ed breakfast (ham and cheese sandwich), and a lunch pack that includes a chicken sandwich, salad, fruit and bottle of water.

9:00 - 11:00 – Boat trip

9:00 – departure from Zadar

The crew of 'Zvijezda Kvarnera' will meet you in the city harbor next to the bridge, boarding beings at 8:30, the boat will leave at 9:00 and if needed, the boat will stop in the port of Draženica and in Muline (Island of Ugljan).

11:00 - transfer Božava - Sakarun

The boat enters the harbor of the beautiful, small Island of Božava, where a comfortable air-conditioned bus will be waiting for you. The transfer to Sakarun beach takes about 15 minutes

11:30-15:30 – free time at the beach

The main attraction of the program – Sakarun beach, where you will spend 4 hours of leisure time. The beach is famous for the purity of the sea and its wide belt of white sand extending over almost a kilometer long. The bathing area is extremely large and shallow, and even suitable for small children. There are several catering facilities on the beach that offer refreshments from the summer heat and light meals.

16:00 – departure from Božava to Zadar

18:00 - return to Zadar

15:30 - transfer Sakarun - Božava

The transfer from Sakarun beach to Božava lasts about 15 minutes. You will have some spare time for coffee or ice cream in this fishing town.


The journey back lasts about 2 hours, if needed, we will stop in Muline and Draženica bay.


- capacity up to 150 persons,

- 25 meters long,

- air-conditioned lounge,

- bar,

- womens/mens bathroom


Excursion to Sakarun with the boat ZVIJEZDA KVARNERA

- great value for the money,

- a real experience and unforgettable memories,

- expert guide and crew,

 - welcome drink, breakfast, lunch packet, water, transfer Božava -Sakarun-Božava, 

- all passengers are insured

The adventure is finished! We hope you enjoy your day and hope to see you again!
Hvala! Doviđenja!